Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 8

Two weeks ago I made the statement that, due to being heavily effected in weeks 9 and 10 by bye weeks, I needed to win weeks 7&8 against the league leader then the highest points scorer of the league. So what did I go and do, only bloody well that! After victory against Russell I came up against my oldest and dearest friend in the league and I completely destroyed him to take my season record to 6-2. My average score is now the highest in the league(by some way I think) and I’m cementing myself into top spot in the Kirk division.

Now some of you may have heard some of the stories from my past life regarding my relationship with Coach Jimmy but I’m going to chronicle some of them here and now to try and give some understanding as to why this game, and no doubt future EFFL games, are what I consider my derby game. I’m not going to lie, I can’t fully recall how we ended up as friends, I just remember a couple of groups of lads with some common ground somewhere started drinking together and the rest was, as they say, history. Back then I was a decent kid who enjoyed my sport but never really liked the competitive side of things, I loved training, having a kick about down the park and if anyone suggested a new sport I was always willing to give it a shot for something to do and possibly have a laugh doing it. Now Jimmy, on the other hand, was(still is mind) very talented at sport he was mainly into his football but give him a club/racket/bat he was pretty solid at those things too. He also had something I lacked greatly. If he was playing he was playing to win, he also had very little time or patience for anyone who didn’t feel the same as you were just wasting time. That may be harsh because we’ve played team games in our past like pub league cricket and that was for fun….hang on, we won the league at our second time of asking and followed it up the year after…..it was still just a bit of fun mind.

I don’t know, you would have to ask him, if he set out to change my mentality when it came to winning or whether it was a by product of getting beaten when I was on his side but he did make it one of his goals to change my attitude in regards to winning. The clearest example of this for me was when 4 of us took up badminton. If memory serves it was on a Thursday evening in Kelso High School games hall for about an hour and we would rotate the foursome after every game. He was a pain in the arse to play against due to the fact he was brilliant at telling you what he was going to do, why you didn’t have an answer for what he was about to do and then go ahead and do just what he laid out and execute it perfectly, didn’t always work but he did have a pretty high hit rate. All that said, that was the easier games to handle, when you teamed up with him that’s when it got very tough for me. “What was that?” “Your pittin it right where he wants it” and more, so much more. This used to boil my piss, I would start off by telling him to “shut the eff up”, “let me play my shot” then after a bit I would go quiet and that’s when he knew he’d got me, I would see his grin come over his face and that’s when I would want to smack him in the puss. I never did, I just got my head down said nothing and in my quiet rage would start playing with a killer instinct just to get him off my team and out of my effin face. After the hour was up though it was always over for him, he’d won, lost or drawn(never that happy with the latter two) but he left it there. Me, not so much, I would be still at boiling point for quite a while and more often than not storm away home without speaking to anyone.

Now what is the moral to all this, you may ask, and to be honest there may not be one because this was how it was, as I recall it, and it can never be changed. I have change from the young lad that wanted to just play, I do now like to win and never do things just to compete but as proved earlier this year after a week of trash talk that led to a defeat I hit my default setting, I went very quiet, got my head down and got my killer instinct back. This is now my weakest time, historically this is were I take my foot off the gas, the hard work is done. This is where I have to tell myself my biggest challenges are yet to come and that failure cannot be an option. Right now this could go either way, let’s see what happens against the 187’s to see if it gets any clearer.

From Behind the Purple Door.


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