Week 9 — preview – view from the pit

Week 9 is here. The doldrums, the calm before the storm? the early flush of enthusiasm waning? the ‘come on lets get to the playoffs bit? no chance. It seems that almost all coaches are finding their fantasy feet this year, making it tougher all round. There’s certainly a bit more real world NFL knowledge doing the rounds, whether its out there in the open on the blog or played close to the chest in the waivers and Thursday to Saturday subs. These next few weeks see the real separation, a combination of focus and a good match up against a coach who might be losing interest a touch could see some changes before the playoffs.

It’s non divisional again, so taking the matchups in order of closest to widest spread across the league table;

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (8) vs Tranent International Tornados (9)
Jimmy picked up the Bengals and Montee Ball this week whilst Tornados picked up the Eagles and Travaris Cadet. RBs are in short supply so its no surprise to see anything and everything being grabbed with both hands – even if its a crocked Ball and an ‘also ran’ runner – Tornados are really struggling at RB now, but Cadet has an outside chance of a few points on Thursday as the Saints go to RB for passing plays, however Saints opponents  Panthers have been giving up plenty of points to WRs and QBs so unless their secondary coverage improves, it would have to be a lucky TD for this Cadet to graduate to double digit scores. Nicky Looks much better off at Wideout, and could be needing a massive game from both Fitzgerald and Hilton to see a chance of victory this week. Demarco Murray for Jimmy is AVERAGING 20 pts a game, can that continue? Perhaps not against the Cardinals but with Lynch and Millar at the Raiders and Chargers, Jimmy’s RB score alone could be 60+. The Pit Prediction is for the Jags by 20 pts
dodgy touchdown (2) Mercy Flush (7)
A Sunday only game by the look of it for these 2. Compressing the game into nearer real time makes it a little easier to track the scores, Paul probably hoping to build an unassailable lead by bedtime Sunday or risk a sleepless nail-biting night. Touchdown will be forced to play second string QB Roethlisberger, but high scoring QBs are ten a penny, even in week 9, and in fact he’s so far outscored Ryan this season, thanks mainly to a monster performance from the touchdown bench last week, so with any luck that shouldn’t slow Russell down. elsewhere in the lineups Touchdown appear to have a slight edge at most positions, thanks in part to Eddy Lacy being on a bye for Flush – Touchdown flex could be a secret weapon as NFL.com only predicts half a point for Thompson – the Broncos Pats game could be a thriller, so expect a few more goal line chances for him. Flush have a solid, near ‘ perfect 10’ prediction with scores across the board, but the Pit Prediction is a win for Touchdown by 10 pts.

Kelso 187’s (6) Earlston Earthquakes (1)

Euan’s 187s travel to beyond the purple door this week and the rest of the league (well, Kirk division anyway) is possibly hoping for a big surprise for league leader Chris’ Quakes. Euan has lucked out with 4 of the quakes stars on byes, but he’ll need to capitalise on that if he’s to have a chance at TJ Hooker division where its just about all square. Euans Wideout team had a massive week 8 – Brown looks like having a better chance of a repeat of that performance with the Steelers wideout going up against the Ravens ,who’ve given up plenty of points to receivers this year so far. Thats in the Sunday late game though, so Euan may just trust to get those 20 points in his sleep. Chris will get to see most of his points scored in the Sunday early game, unless those pesky kids demand some attention again! Both teams have points to score on Monday night too, Euan has the best of that with players on both sides of the Giants Colts game. With quakes relying on second stringers everywhere but RB, the Pit prediction is a win for the 187s
Fog on the Tyne (10) Earlstonian Bohemians (4)
Fresh off their 2 win resurgent streak, Fog are looking to cement their place as a real contender in the league this year. Bohemians need this win too if they are to have a chance at Kirk division. This looks like being a close one from all angles, NFL.com has the teams level pegging by midnight Sunday and then again early Tuesday morning – Drew Brees on Thursday could make all the difference (again). Fogs consistent high scorer leads the Saints against a panthers defence who have let plenty points through. Saints have been pretty lax about stopping points for wideouts as well – so Benjamin could have a big game for coach Ally. It’s close all the way to the end so where’s the play that will make the difference, players are spread right across the NFL, but perhaps the colts Giants game will be crucial with ally’s QB and Stuart’s 2 Ind Stars hoping to bounce back from Injury, its too cloase to call for sure, but the Pit gives it to the Bohemians by 5 pts
Pilton Panthers (12) Oakbank Oddities (5)
another predicted close game for dead last Panthers against TJ Hooker leaders Oddities. It’s about time for another win for the panthers, looking at Robert’s overall breakdown, he’s been slightly unlucky with weekly matchups and should be more like 3-5 than his actual 2-6. Oddities are also slightly ahead of their real score though, so its anyone’s game, Panthers need a standout game from Hillman as well as Jamaal Charles at RB, Hillman had a wee knock at practice today though so Robert will need to keep an eye on that for Sunday. No Action on Thursday, but the match up will be decided Monday night at the Colts Giants game, Ahmad Bradshaw for Harry has been more in form that Rueben Randle for Robert, but it only takes 1 touchdown to change that prediction. In any case The Pit gives it to Oddities by 5

Nitten Pickaxe (3) SanFran-Gordon 69ers (11)

Pickaxe again have a wide spread match up, facing the 69ers a whole 8 paces down in the league. Pickaxe may finally get their star Wideout team playing together as it looks as if AJ Green may be playing this week. Coach Rich has a lot to do Friday in the waivers needing to find a QB or risking the game. Coach Gav has a recurrent problem of picking between 2 allegedly great TE’s but only one of whom seems capable of having a good game each week – hoping to pick the right one this week, at least there’s no decision to make at QB this time. Rich is playing it cool with QBs but as mentioned above there are still plenty to choose from. The big problem this year for the 69ers has been that only bye week QB Rogers has figured in the top 50 scorers, we have to go down to 66, 67 and 68 to find David, Royal and Vereen, however, all of them have had 20 point games this year, so if they all fire up at once, this game might not be as one sided as it appears now. The Pit still gives it to the pickaxe by 20 points tho.

so that’s it for the week – the Pit predictions coming true would cement the lead in all divisions except Kirk – and with just 2 weeks to the divisional games, the highest losing playoff spots are the most up for grabs.


2 thoughts on “Week 9 — preview – view from the pit

    • Yup that’ll be matt bryant the kicker for the Falcons and the ex Clemson Tiger Martavais Bryant who now plays for the Steelers. I don’t think they are positionally interchangeable or brothers!


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