Week 08 Review- A Clearer Picture?

This is it! The home stretch and just 2 more inter-divisional weeks remain before the key divisional match-ups see us into the playoffs.

Non -Divisional Games

(3-5) Tranent International Tornadoes 107.84 – 139.46 Kelso 187s (4-4)

Top Scorers:E Sanders 30.6 (187s), A Brown 25.8 (187s), P Manning 23.44 (TT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (21.7) 187s (3.2)

The highest scoring game of the weekend saw the 187s take a shock early lead that they never relinquished.

TNF saw Coach Guthrie take an early lead over the Tornadoes with the game’s top scorer E Sanders posting one of the highest WR scores of a WR friendly weekend. A Brown pitched in 25.8 points from the other WR spot. The game was won with the 22 point swing produced by the Dolphins DST (26 points) as they ran in 2 TDs against the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars. The 187s also got strong performances from C Palmer and L Bell and with 3 other players scoring over 6 points they made I Crowell’s 0.9 point day almost irrelevant. The 187’s face the high flying Earthquakes next week in the last of the Keith Robertson Cars  bragging right games.  The 187s will need a performance like this week to stop the league’s top scorers.

For Coach Nicky it was a tale of another very good performance against an opponents top game of the season. These results are frustrating, but as every experienced coach knows every point counts! P Manning started the Tornadoes week very well with 23.44 points and with WRs L Fitzgerald and T Hilton producing 22 and 21.5 points respectively along with 15.5 points from TE M Bennett the Tornadoes would normally had enough firepower to win against most opponents. Again the Tornadoes Achilles heel has been the supporting positions. L McCoy produced a steady 9.7 points, but the other 4 starters produced a paltry 15.7 points. The Tornadoes face the slumping Jaguars where one of them will have to face a 3 or 4 game losing streak.

 (6-2) Dodgy Touchdown 104.62 – 98.84 Pilton Panthers (2-6)

Top Scorers:M Forte 24.8 (DT), J Charles 23.7 (PP), N Foles 21.84 (PP)

Points left on bench: Touchdown(49.46) Panthers (8.1)

A week that could have gone so wrong for the Touchdown in the end turned out well. For the Panthers their win streak was halted at 1 as they slumped to their 6th defeat, fell 3 games behind their division leaders and all but eliminated themselves from the wildcard chase.

This week’s performance for the Touchdown was all about their bench performance with Pittsburgh pair H Miller and B Roethlisberger producing 17.2 and 44.78 points. Thankfully for Coach Russell, M Forte (24.8) and 4 other double digit performers spared his lineup blushes. Yet again we’re talking about an all-round consistent fantasy team performance and that has been the hallmark of the Dodgy Touchdown season. It wasn’t spectacular but on a weekly basis it’s enough to see of 75% of the EFFL. Next week is the Wheatley Bowl.

Coach Rab’s bad luck continues.He’s faced the toughest schedule in the EFFL so far and his team although consistent just hasn’t been able to keep up with his high scoring opponents. This week N Foles and J Charles both produced 20 point games with support from R Hillman (13.8) and R Cobb (18.6). It was the rest of the team that let him down with the remaining 5 starters producing just 21.2 points. Against an opponent like Touchdown that was never going to be enough. Next week the Panthers face the inconsistent Oddities.

(5-3) Nitten Pickaxe 75.38 – 81.14 Fog on the Tyne (3-5)

Top Scorers:D Brees 25.04 (FT), P Rivers 19.78 (NP), Patriots 13 (NP), J Witten 13 (FT)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (27.92) Tyne (24.9)

It was a trap game for the Pickaxe and they fell right into it as the Fog on the Tyne continued their revival and extended their win streak to 2 games.

Fortunately for the Pickaxe, despite their loss they managed to maintain their divisional lead with the Panthers and Tornadoes both losing. For the 4th time this season the Pickaxe left over 20 points on their bench and this profligacy ended up costing the game. They had 4 double digit performances from P Rivers, Patriots, A Ellington (12.5) and A Vinatieri (10), but it was the performance of Washington cornerback Bashaud Breeland that decided this game on Monday Night. Unable to find star WR Dez Bryant, T Romo started targeting Tyne TE J Witten for his highest output of the season. Next week the Pickaxe face the slumping 69ers who took a shellacking (or was that a defenestration?!?) from the rampant Bohemians.

The Fog on the Tyne extended their winning streak to 2 games and finally caught 2nd place Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars. The Tyne are the lowest scoring team in the EFFL, but over the last 4 weeks only 5 teams are scoring more points than them. This week D Brees produced his best game of the season with 25.04 and with A Jeffery, D Thomas and M Crosby (11.90, 10.5 and 11) scoring double figures they did enough to mask disappointing scores from the Bears DST (-3) and C Johnson (2). The Chiefs DST were left languishing on the bench despite scoring 19 points against the Rams, but they face an even more mouth watering tie against the Jets next week (although the Chiefs haven’t beat the Jets since 2005). Next week the Tyne face the Bohemians who stopped their 4 game win streak last year…..a chance for revenge?

(6-2) Earlston Earthquakes 123.68 – 78.76 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (3-5)

Top Scorers:A Foster 35.3 (EE), J Cutler 21.68 (EE), G Tate 21.1 (EE)

Points left on bench: Earthquakes (4.3) Jaguars (17.1)

What began as a grudge match ended up as a stroll in the park as the slumping Jaguars hit a 3 game skid and the Earthquakes continued on their Championship winning form.

Yet another strong week for the Earthquakes as they dominated the Jaguars. A Foster, J Cutler and G Tate led the way with almost 80 points between them. The rest of the team was solid and unspectacular, but with 3 players producing those sort of numbers that’s usually all that’s required. The Earthquakes now lead the league scoring with a +35.18 margin over second place rival the Bohemians. They’ll look to continue their high scoring form as they face their garage rivals the 187s.

For the Jaguars the misery continues. After 2 harsh lineup losses, this game got away from them early and they never really had a sight of the Earthquakes in the entire match. D Murray (20.1) continued his wonderful form and he was aided by D Jackson (13.6), R Wilson (13.46), C Parkey (10) and L Miller (9.9). But against a high scoring opponent like the Earthquakes scores of 0, 1.3 and 4 from Colts, V Jackson and J Reed just weren’t going to help. At least Coach Jimmy can take heart that the decision to leave M Ingram (23.5) on the bench wouldn’t have made any difference to the game. The Jaguars face the Tornadoes and one of those teams will face an extended losing streak by the Tuesday morning.

(4-4) Mercy Flush 90.06 – 105.64 Oakbank Oddities (4-4)

Top Scorers:T Brady 34.16 (MF), S Watkins 21.7 (OO), E Lacy 18.2 (MF)

Points left on bench: Flush (11.8) Oddities (2.9)

A close game that came down to the wire on Monday Night Football. In the end the Oddities did just enough to claim the win and push the Flush out of the No.6 wildcard spot.

The Oddities finally put their lineup woes behind them and the team responded with 5 double digit starters, led by S Watkins (21.7) and supported by C Ivory (16.3), A Bradshaw (14.7), S Gostkowksi (15), G Bernard (10.7). With only TE J Thomas scoring under 6 points this was always going to be a tough performance for their opponent to overcome and it was left to the Dallas DST to secure the win on MNF. The Oddities face the rock bottom Panthers next week and will hope to secure a win that will allow them to put some daylight between themselves and the 187s.

The Flush posted their best score in 3 weeks, but unfortunately it was not enough to catch the Oddities. T Brady led the team and was supported by RB E Lacy. J Forsett added a solid (10.5) score, but there just wasn’t enough support from the rest of the team with no one scoring over 7 points to offset M Floyd’s 0 point outing against Philapdelphia. The Flush have had real problems at WR1+2 this year scoring nearly 3 points less than the league average, perhaps the pool of rookie talent on waivers may tempt Coach Paul into making a change? The Flush go to the Wheatley Bowl needing a win to keep pace with the rest of the Kirk Division.

(5-3) Earlstonian Bohemians 141.2 – 78.92 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (3-5)

Top Scorers: R Gronkowski 32.9 (EB), J Maclin 30.7 (EB), A Luck 26.6 (EB)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (4.6) 69ers (3.3)

The Bohemians keep pace with the Earthquakes whereas the 69ers lost for the 3rd time in their last 4 games.

The Bohemians had two of the strongest positional scores of the weekend in TE R Gronkowski and WR J Maclin. A Luck added nearly another 30 points to the top 2 scorers in the game and with the Bills DST adding 16 points that was more than enough to outscore the 69ers. The other 5 starters pitched in with a solid 35 points. Again RB is a problem for the Bohemians, but with consistent performances like this from QB, WR and TE, then RB3 and 4 scores may be enough. The Bohemians face the improving Fog on the Tyne who will have revenge on their mind after last year’s game.

The 69ers just couldn’t live with the Bohemians as their best players just couldn’t support dismal performances at other starting positions. A Rodgers led the team with 24.82 points and J Graham, K Davis, Seahawks and M Prater adding 43.8 points. But it was low scoring days from J Edelman (1.4), J Kearse (1.4) and E Royal (2.9) that left them with just too much ground to make up. The 69ers face another tough matchup in the Nitten Pickaxe and will need to win to keep themselves in the playoff hunt.

He came to our house and we kicked his ass….


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