Week 09 Waiver Wire Special

Over the remaining 6 weeks of the season we’re going to try to interview some of the “greatest” minds of the EFFL and invite them to identify their favourite waiver wire pick-ups. This week we spoke to Jaguars and Earthquakes owners and head coaches Jimmy and Cozy.

We’re working with what’s available in our league (which is sweet FA if you need a RB) so before you scream at some of our choices….”It’s the market baby!”.

We initially wanted to identify 4 or 5 waiver wire categories, but in order to keep this condensed we settled on a general waiver chat and then followed it up by trying to identify a rookie who’s role is growing and will strengthen our team just in time for the playoffs. Here’s what we think. These are our own thoughts, but i have cleaned up the grammar and language!

Our Waiver Wire Chat (including rookie pickup of the week)

Ally: Before we make a start on our rookie pickup of the week lets start with some of the players you think are worth targetting this week.

Jimmy: Landry WR miami, Starks RB GB, Rudolph TE Min, Cadet RB NO. Now u know all my secrets.

Ally: I‘m going for D.Adams WR GB, Cadet NO, Rudolph and Charles Clay. I also want to talk about Johnny (Manziel). Glennon would’ve been on that list but he’s now on my roster along with the Titans DST (for the playoffs).
Jimmy: I CANNOT believe that you have listed on here your 1 week match up selection as A TE the very week that my opponent and the 3rd member of this group needs a bye week cover at TE!
Cozy: I have Mr Jenkins. I don’t need Clay.
Jimmy: I’m sorry I’ve picked up James Starks, I just think if Lacy goes down his ceiling gets a lot higher, where as Stewart’s will always be low. It was a hard call to make.
Cozy: What’s your thoughts on Theo Riddick? Think he’ll get dropped when Bush is back or has he shown enough to water down the Lions fantasy worth further?
Ally: I’d say when Bush is back he’ll see less time.But until he is he’s always going to be more useful than someone like Anton Smith or Chris Johnson.
Ally: Ok, we’re off on a complete tangent from what we were trying to do and that was pick a rookie waiver of the week. Given that the RB pool is empty apart from Charles Sims lets concentrate on WR. From the players we’ve discussed offline and are available which one of Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, Martavias Bryant, Donte Moncrieff, John Brown, Jordan Matthews and Paul Richardson who are available on waivers would we pick up and why?
Cozy: Jimmy likes Landry.
Jimmy:Yes I like Landry but he is still not producing the numbers (Landry 31 targets in 6 games 25-255-1). Robinson is the best pick on targets and snap counts but plays on a poor team. Brown has an big advantage on the others if Floyd can’t go this week. Moncreiff looks like he has secured a place on a top passing offence. I would pick Robinson as a pick up, high snap count weekly team leader on targets and back to back TDs. Moncrieff will be a stop gap until Wayne returns. He’s probably a better short term answer than some of the others.
Ally: Any thought on Bryant? Just on roster, and 2 very good weeks. 12 targets 7 catches 123 yds and 3tds. Is he worth a flyer? and at 6’4″ he’s no smurf.
Jimmy: Personally I would give him another week, and if its another good one well then it will be too late probably. But if I had 2 defences and 2 kickers and I was hanging on to an injured panthers RB as if he was Walter Payton then I would take a chance and pick him up this week.

Jimmy: Moncreiff will stay ahead of Nicks tho’ when Wayne returns which I like about him.
Ally: That advice seems very specific, hmmmm. Yeah. It’s a beast of a pass offense, but Luck is like Manning and Brees. He likes to spread the love. You’ll not be guaranteed good days every week, but when they come they’ll be happy ones. For me Landry and Robinson are the steadier picks at the moment. But I’d be drawn to the higher ceilings of Bryant and Moncrieff.
CozyI like Robinson due to his targets but not for his team. I like Moncrieff for his team but not his long term this season. I think, though, I would plump for John Brown. He may be the smaller of the group but with Fitzgerald improving and with Palmer getting better he is on a good passing team with layered targets, he gets redzone targets and is established as the 3rd receiver.
Ally: Yeah, good thinking. He’s probably the safer choice with the potential for a higher upside. Ok so we’ve gone with 3 different choices, 🙂 Personally, I think we need to think long term. So lets rule out Moncrieff and Bryant just now, agreed? So that leaves us a choice of Landry, Robinson or Brown.
Cozy: Brown
Jimmy: They are all good calls for the rookies so just pick which u want to go with
Cozy: Robinson is more consistent but Brown has had x2 17 point games with Palmer. I go Brown.
Jimmy: Brown it is
Ally: Ok fantastic. So I our first waiver wire rookie of the week choice is:
John Brown (WR) of the Arizona Cardinals.
But if you’re the Head Coach of the SanFran-Gordon 69ers then we suggest you dump one of your defenses and DeAngelo Williams and pick up Martavias Bryant WR Pittsburgh Steelers and Charles Sims RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Other waiver wire thoughts that we never got around to talking about are as follows- B LaFell WR, T Wright TE , K Rudoph (injured) TE, T Eifert (injured) TE, C Sims (injured) RB, J Starks RB, K Orton QB, J Stewart RB, T Kadet RB, B Cunningham RB, A Hawkins WR.
Comedy picks for this week: J Manziel QB, B Quick WR, K Stills WR and Z Mettenberger QB



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