Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 7

Week 7 is in the bag. This week I was up against Captain Russ and his high flying Dodgy Touchdown team, his record going into this week was 5-1 which had him at the top of the overall standings, and a victory would put us both on the same record so for me this was a must win and win I did. I may have left it late but your fantasy team can play up to 540 minutes and if it takes you to the final 2 minutes of that to secure the win then so be it. This was a perfect example of the 10 point rule, meaning you have 9 players and if they can score 10 points each then you stand a decent chance of winning, even if the projections are telling you that you should hit 120 points. I ended up at 90.7(95.26proj) with Russell at 84.82(119.42proj), so I get my 10 point average with Russell, not so much. I’m now back atop the Kirk Division and 2nd in the overall standings, I may add I’m the top points scorer with the biggest points difference too(it’s my trumpet to blow).

This week I thought I would share my thoughts on what the fantasy league has change the way in which I view American Football now and how that has changed since getting into the game back in the 80’s. As with every other male of a certain age in the UK(sigh)it was Channel 4 that introduce this wonderful game to me and along with my group of friends we all picked a team to follow. I chose the Minnesota Vikings mainly, I think, for the Hershel Walker trade and my desire to pick the next big thing. This has never quite happened for my Vikings but at the beginning we made the play-offs regularly in the early 90’s with Coach Green and his band of purple people eaters. My mates would come round to my flat for the Wednesday night club were we had our own Madden league on the Sega Mega Drive in which we went head to head with each other with our teams, my get out of jail play was a HB Toss Right w/man in motion to Hershel who would then be unstoppable down the sideline.

I lost touch with the NFL when it went to Sky so there was a few years in the wilderness that was mainly covered by staying up to watch the Superbowl and not much else, sad times indeed. Then came broadband internet where I hear you can get access to many sports without having to sell your soul to the man and be a bit of a thorn in the side of the man, that’s what I hear anyway. Then mobile apps with loads of NFL coverage, another great step, but throughout this I was still only interested in the Vikings and was content to catch a game in the pub or watch highlights on the app. Then came fantasy.

Thanks to fantasy I have watched some mind blowing plays from some extraordinary players, in week 7 alone the Rams special teams unit pulled off not 1 but 2 not to be missed game changing plays. I now marvel at the sight of Arian Foster breaking the line, cutting and battling his way for big gains, he is coming back after major back surgery but you would never think it watching him. I’m cheering for the Chicago Bears, WTF!

Last night I was down by 12pts, after midnight I put on Madden 15 and played the Texans at the Steelers. At the half I was down 10-3(I was the Texans, I have Foster and the D), at 1.15 I get onto twitter to check everyone is starting, at 1.30 I go to bed with Gamepass on my phone and my headphones on. I finally succumb at 2.30 and I’m ahead by 12pts, I stir again and check, the game is going into the fourth quarter and I’m now trailing by 2pts. I wake again at 5.30 to check, I’ve won by 6pts, happy couple of hours sleep before I get up to use this weeks smackdown on Russell.

Fantasy hasn’t just got me back into a sport that I drifted from years back, it has changed my way of thinking in regards to sport and how it is quantified in the modern sports arenas, but sport can never be a simple by the numbers game, just ask Johnny Hekker the Rams punter.

From Behind the Purple Door.


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