The All New Weekly “Pick um or Stick um” Predictions

As a little extra fun we have asked our 12 Coaches to see if they can predict the winners of our 6 weekly match ups!

I will keep a running total from now week 7, until the last game of the season (our Superbowl), and the Coach who picks the most correct winning teams within this period shall recieve a Prize.

In the event of a tie breaker at the end of the Season, the winner will then be determined on the amount of weeks they had 100% predictions correct.

If this is still a tie then the Prize will be shared.

Each week the Predictions MUST be Recieved by myself JJJ via a personal message before the start of the first NFL game that week, which will normally be early Friday morning. (Beware of Thanks giving).

Please don’t post on group thread to avoid copying.

If I recieve your predictions after the start of the first weekly game then you will be awarded a score of Zero for that week.

Now that all that is clear lets get started with first weeks Predictions starting with,

Coach Ally:

JJJ, Oddities, Flush, Panthers, 69ers, Touchdowns.

Coach Paul:

JJJ, Flush, 187s, Pickaxe, Fog, Touchdowns.

Coach Cozy:

JJJ, Flush, Oddities, Fog, Panthers, Earthquakes.

Coach Euan:

Panthers, Flush, Oddities, Fog, JJJ, Earthquakes.

Coach Richie:

TiT, Panthers, 69ers, Oddities, JJJ, Earthquakes

Coach Russell:

Bohemians, 69ers, Pickaxe, Panthers, Flush, Touchdown

Coach Harry:

Bohemians, Oddities, Flush, Panthers, 69ers, Touchdown.

Coach Gav:

Pickaxe, Flush, Panthers, Fog, Bohemians, Earthquakes.

Coach Jimmy:

Panthers, TiT, Oddities, Earthquakes, JJJ, Fog.

Coach Nicky:

No entry submitted.

Coach Rab:

No entry submitted.

Coach Stuart:

No entry submitted.

There you have it the first weeks picks, if  you never got your entry in on time this week don’t worry as I’m sure you will be able to catch up.

Quick summary on how the picking went.

Panthers 8 picks

Flush 7 picks

JJJ 6 picks

Oddities 6 picks

Earthquakes 5 picks

Fog 5 picks

Touchdown 4 picks

69ers 4 picks

Pickaxe 3 picks

Bohemians 3 picks

TiT 2 picks

187s 1 pick

This weeks PICK UM team is the Panthers and this weeks STICK UM team is the 187s.

Enjoy and good luck to all this week.


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