Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 6.

Last weeks team talk did it, I didn’t drop anyone and, nearly, everyone showed enough improvement for the Quakes to come home victorious against Coach Rab and his Panthers fae Pilton. Now I love Rab, he’s a top class guy who is a very generous soul and my life is better for knowing him, but when it comes to the EFFL it’s no mercy and he must be destroyed. So I destroyed him, much akin to Ivan Draco in Rocky IV I stood over his teams twitching body(collectively speaking) and on Sunday night proclaimed “If he dies, he dies!” 4-2, top of the Kirk division.

I’ve come to realize that the NFL projections can act as a great deceptive weapon. Take my contest against Rab for example, I was projected for a score of 95.02 whilst Rab was projected to score 112.88. Now that looks like a hiding for me so how did I swing it from a deficit of 17pts to a winning margin of 18pts? I’m not sure myself but the one thing I learned from last year was not to buy into the projections, they are more often than not the ceiling for players rather than the floor and believe me when I say not many of them touch the ceiling. This week I had 4 players over their projections whereas Rab had 2, problem for Rab was 3 of mine blew through their ceilings while 4 of his didn’t even get out the basement. Now Rab should be fine going forward but that’s not my concern so I shall say no more about it.

The only real issue I had this week was my flex position, I initially liked Keenan Allen for the job but he just isn’t getting any real love from Pip Rivers this year and although I loved his match up against the Raiders I still wasn’t sold. My other options were Jerk Chicken(Jerick McKinnon) or Rowdy Roddy White. Now Jerk is not, at that time, a starting back(turns out he was though) and he had a tough match-up so I needed to see more of him before I put him in my team, so comfortably on the bench he went. Rowdy Roddy was going to be in a shoot out with the Bears, that’s good, but that would be a lot of focus on one game, I don’t like that as a rule. I then looked up a few different rankings to find I had 3 receivers in the top 20 this week and Allen wasn’t one of them so that led me to the decision to play Roddy. Team was now sorted.

So, to the outcome. Golden Tate did nothing with his opportunity to make hay while Megatron was lame, disappointing. Brandon Marshall hit double digits, happy. Roddy bombed out with 4pts, rubbish. These guys were top 20 FFS! They amassed 15.7pts, Arian Foster got 26.1pts, thankfully. The thing is, in regards to Roddy and Kennan I made the right call, Allen only scored 2.7pts. My mistake was that McKinnon should have been in scoring 8.2pts.

My receiving corp is a mess and needs to be rectified sharpish or I go into the next few weeks on the end of a kick-in. There are big, tough choices coming in my future, ones that need me to put on my big boy pants because there will be criticism coming my way when I make them but the next 2 weeks are crucial for me moving forward. If I take the next 2 weeks with this team as it stands it will not just be a miracle but it would mean I have taken out the leader of the overall standings and then the highest point scorer in the league, now that would be something to blog about.

Until next time, eyes down and look in,

From Behind the Purple Door.


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