Week 06 Review- Parity Rules?

A week where seven teams reached 3-3, two established some breathing room, one established their EFFL Superbowl credentials and two others were cast adrift.

Non -Divisional Games

(4-2) Earlston Earthquakes 96.64 – 78.12 Pilton Panthers (1-5)

Top Scorers:A Foster 26.1 (EE), J Cutler 22.34 (EE), A Dalton 19.42 (PP)

Points left on bench: Earthquakes (5.2) Panthers (13.7)

A good win for the Earthquakes that gave them sole possession of Kirk division. For the Panthers another defeat consigned them to being the worst team in the EFFL.

The Earthquakes had a number of top performers including B Marshall (11.3) and Titans (11) to support the game’s top scorers with steady performances from all other positions except TE where L Donnell again failed to reach a single point. The Earthquakes may need to look for a backup option. The Earthquakes take their second highest scoring offense, top defense and second best RB1/2 production to the 5-1 dodgy touchdown.

The Panthers terrible season continued as they dropped to their 5 straight defeat although they can again take consolation that their lineup decisions played no part in the defeat. They had a number of solid performers, but just not enough firepower to trouble the Earthquakes. Their problems lie at a couple of important positions including the second worst QB and RB1/2 production in the league.

(3-3) Tranent International Tornadoes 154.08 – 98.06 Fog on the Tyne (1-5)

Top Scorers:T Hilton 28.3 (TT), P Manning 21.48 (TT), Lions 21 (TT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (0.5) Fog (0.8)

With the top performance of the season the Tornadoes blew away the resurgent Fog. Both teams put out almost perfect lineups and Fog on the Tyne will be pleased with a performance that took the them off the foot of the EFFL.

The Tornadoes produced from every position with 8 starters producing double digit performances and TE M Bennett chipping in with a respectable 7.7 points. Coach Nicky will breathe a sigh of relief that top pick L McCoy has finally begun to produce. It was a brave lineup with waiver wire phenom A Smith yet again producing a long touchdown from his limited touches.

For the Fog on the Tyne they will be pleased with their performance in a very high scoring weekend. Replacement QB R Tannehill (18.66) led the team and RBs T Richardson (10.1) and B Oliver (18.4) finally produced some consistent RB points. WR studs D Thomas and A Jeffrey (18.4 and 13.6) both had big days also.

(3-3) Kelso 187’s 84.54 – 118.04 dodgy touchdown (5-1)

Top Scorers: J Flacco 32.24 (K), M Forte 27.7 (dt), B Tate 19.8 (dt)

Points left on bench: 187s (11.1) touchdown (17.2)

Another dominant display from dodgy touchdown as the moved from consistency to being one of the top 6 scoring teams in the league. For Kelso an average performance just wasn’t enough to keep pace as they slumped to their 2nd straight defeat.

dodgy touchdown managed to absorb J Flacco’s (32.24) wonder performance at the Buccaneers with standout performances from M Forte (27.7) and 4 other double digit performers despite leaving nearly 20 points on the bench. Clash of the week will no doubt be their tie with the leagues 2nd highest scorers and Kirk division leaders the Earlston Earthquakes.

Kelso in the end just couldn’t produce enough points to support Flacco 5 starting positions failing to produce enough points. They’ll look to right the ship against the league’s worst team the Pilton Panthers.

(3-3) Earlstonian Bohemians 80.80 – 104.32 Nitten Pickaxe (4-2)

Top Scorers:P Rivers 25.82 (NP), A Luck 24.6 (EB), S Smith 17 (NP)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (18.1) Pickaxe (3)

What began as a close game finished with a comfortable victory for the Pickaxe by Tuesday morning. The Pickaxe took a 2 game winning streak and sole possession of Shatner division whereas the Bohemians again failed to establish any sort of winning consistency.

Pickaxe played a near perfect lineup after some difficulties in previous weeks. They had the games top performer in P Rivers (25.82) and 3 other double digit performers; S Smith (17), G Olsen (12.2) and the Broncos (15). The Pickaxe face the inconsistent Oddities next week where they’ll need more the 15 points from their RBs to ensure victory.

The Bohemians finally got production from their RB position but unfortunately it came in the week where 2 of their starting receivers produced their worst games of the season Maclin and Quick (1.8 and 1 point) and Coach Ally produced his worst lineup choices with 18 points left on the bench (E Decker (11.4) and B Cunningham (9.3)). Andrew Luck continued as the league’s top QB and the Bohemians will need him in top form as they face the league’s top scorers Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars.

(3-3) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 75.94 – 107.32 Oakbank Oddities (3-3)

Top Scorers:C Kaepernick 29.42 (OO), G Bernard 21.7 (OO), D Murray 20.6 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (40.52) Oddities (0.5)

Some terrible coaching decisions that finally weren’t the fault of Coach Harry led the Oddities to a comfortable victory over the Jaguars.

The Oddities had to wait for C Kaepernick’s (29.42) Monday night performance to ensure victory but also had 5 double digit performers including G Bernard (21.7).  J Thomas added another 17 to their already league leading TE performance.

The Jaguars and Coach Jimmy will rue a couple of decisions including leaving C Newton (34.06) and D Jackson (18) on his bench. In fact it was the only lineup decision that could’ve affected the result of a game in the entire league. Another strong performance from D Murray (20.6) led his starting lineup but for once it was his Seahawk duo who let him down with only 16 points between them. Once again the WR position caused the Jaguars problems, but with the league’s top RB1/2 stable Coach Jimmy can surely afford the odd stumble?

(3-3) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 86.96 – 76.74 Mercy Flush (3-3)

Top Scorers:T Brady 30.74 (MF), A Rodgers 25.96 (SF), 49ers 14 (SF)

Points left on bench: 69ers (2) Flush (9.1)

King of the Trash talk Coach Richie finally put his money where is mouth is and pulled out a good performance to down the high flying Mercy Flush. Both teams relied heavily on one standout performance, but the 69ers could rely on just that little bit more supporting help.

Top performer for the 69ers was A Rodgers (25.96) and his performance helped to limit teammate and Flush RB E Lacy. WRs E Royal and P Garcon helped Rodgers with 10.9 and 9.1 points respectively with the 49ers DST pitching in with a healthy 14 points on Monday night.

It was the end of an excellent 3 week run of scoring for Mercy Flush. Just as T Brady produced a QB1 performance the rest of the Flush starters failed to produce any double digit performances to support him or the early loss of V Cruz  who was lost for the season. The Flush face the Tornadoes whilst the 69ers take their circus to visit the Fog on the Tyne.




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