How to Stream a Defence with Success!

Ok its Tuesday morning and I have woke to a huge victory due to what I believe to be a very skilled decision in which defence to stream in for the week.
I have just picked up 22pts by playing the Packers and I am now going to attempt to do it again so lets get started!
I like the Arizona Cardinals, they seem to have a good match up against the Redskins so I will just take them. Job done!
Wait a minute the Cardinals defensive line is ravaged by injuries and whats more their starting QB is unlikely to play with a shoulder injury and their back up is out with concussion meaning they will play a rookie who had 1 completion from 8 attemps last week!
I can’t play them they will be constantly under fire as the The Skins offence will never be off the field as the Cardinals will never move the ball.
BOOM! There it is! I will play the Skins against the Cardinals Rookie QB its a no brainer!
I’ll play the Redskins Defence.
Hang on, its not entirely certain that Palmer or Stanton will be out for the match and if one of them plays then it a poor defensive choice.
Ill not risk them, I’ll check the waivers again!
Best rated defence from Fantasy pros is the Ravens and they indeed have a good match up against Tampa bay! Good sorted I’ll play them.
No wait my number 1 receiver V Jax plays for Tampa and as a rule I don’t play defences against my own players, darn scrap the Ravens!
Who else is available?
Dallas? No I have 2 players going up against them!
The Browns? No they play Pittsburg who ripped them in week 1
Take Greenbay back? No I have a Millar playing against them!
The Bears? No they are giving up on averaging 20 to 30 points a week!
So who is left? nobody just the scrap! No wait! What about the Giants they are playing the Eagles and both Nick Foles and McCoy are struggling to find form. The Giants are playing well they are tipped to win and will most likely be in front causing Foles to throw the ball more meaning more chance of Interceptions!
Perfect at last I have found the best defence of the week I am a fantasy genius and will reep the rewards of my research again next week.
Its easy enough to stream a good defence if you look hard enough!

It is now Monday morning again and here is how it went!

Cardinals 17pts
Redskins 1pt
Ravens 8pts
Browns 8 pts
cowboys 4pts
Bears 10pts
Packers 7pts

So did I successfully pick the best defence of the week again?
Did I feck!

The NY Giants 5 pts

Meaning if I hadn’t wasted so much time researching and had gone with my first choice I would have been far better off and may even have won this week.

Final thoughts,
Sometimes research works, a little certainly helps but mostly you need to get lucky!



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