week 6 preview – view from the pit

Week six is upon us already. Effl is hotting right up, with the competition for best team mug as a sideline this week. The trash talk is trashy and the put downs cover all bases from high brow (bohemians) to the gutter (flush). Week 5 finally saw everyone off the mark, and no one with a perfect record – so all divisions are up for grabs. With some key injuries across the NFL, there was a flurry of waiver action too, with potentially 2 or 3 great pickups, especially at Running Back.

No divisonal games again this week, so lets look straight at the top of the table clash between Euans 187’s, who lead TJ Hooker, and Russel’s Touchdown, who lead Uhura. What a week for this clash and it starts straight away, both teams in action tonight in the Colts Texans Game. Colts Dst are predicted just 1 point for Russel , expect that to be more like 5-7. Colts TE Dwayne Allen has been pretty consistent in getting to his required 10 points, so expect a small lead for Euan tomorrow. Leveon Bell for the 187s could have a massive game going up against the Browns Defense, who have given away the third highest points against the run this year, with a couple of TDs he coupld be in for a 25 point week. On the other side, Russels Wideouts go up against each other, and both their opponents are not giving up too many points to receivers. NFL.com has it for Touchdown by 10% – The Pit Prediction is a win for the 187s

Chris’ Earthquakes may have lucked out this week taking on Robert’s 11th placed panthers. It must be a lucky week as Earthquakes lead Kirk Division despite being behind both Bohemians and Flush in the overall league standings (I’m not doing that maths on that one). Quakes start early with Arian Foster in action against the Colts. He’s been a bit boom or bust so far,and Colts are mid table in points against the run, so expect him on the 10-15 rather than 15-20 points. Panthers have Percy Harvin in action for the Seahawks against the Cowboys. He’s got something to prove with a lack of success so far this year, but I’d still see him not making his prediction this week. Earthquakes have a wee secret in their kicker, who NFL.com still predict at 0 points, Denver play so far woeful Jets so if nothing else he should get at least a couple of PAT opportunities. NFL.com has it for Panthers by 15%, it will be closer thatn that but the Pit Predition is another win for Earthquakes.

Shatner leaders Pickaxe take on Kirk second Place Bohemians. coach Ally has been all loved up for his anniversary this week, but the Pit says ‘Get Over It’, and ‘May the Best Man Win’. Bohemians should be leading tomorrow with Colts QB Andrew Luck in action against the Texans, who’ve let a fair few points past for QBs this year. Pickaxe have the Colts Kicker, so although there will be less, the points should be tied to Lucks to a great degree. On sunday both teams have players prdicted to score regulation 10-15 in most positions, Gav’s RB Ellington is predicted a big game by NFL.com, but he’s only delvered that sort of score once this year, with most of those points coming from an 84yd play, he might be more 10-15 than 15-20. Allys WR Brian quick is settling in to a lead role this season, but the 49ers have not been too bad at stopping WR points – a TD for Quick could seal this game. NFL.com have pickaxe by 5% – The Pit Prediction is an even closer win for Pickaxe.

At the other end of the Divisions, Stuarts Fog Take on Nicky’s Tornados. Fog, Fresh off their first win, look like having a more ‘steady as she goes’ prediction, with everyone in the 7-17 bracket. Tornados have a more scattergun approach but could be in for a big bonus as Mohammed Sanu looks like being promoted to Bengals #1 WR with AJ Green out of action, he might not get to repeat his cool QB impresonation from week 2 but still expect him to treble his predicted 4 points.Both sides have Colts in action tonight (does no one have any Texans?) TY Hilton for Nicky and Trent Richardson for Stuart. Hilton has been great with the ball, but cannot catch a break for a TD, where Richardson has been left wanting touches. NFL. com has Fog by 5%, the Pit prediction is a close game but stil a win for Fog.

Jimmy’s Jags Take on Harry’s oddities. Harry will be wanting to break his 2 week losing streak and he could be off to a rip roaring start with Ahmad Bradshaw in action for the Colts tonight, predicted 13 points, that could easily get to 20 with a couple of red zone touches. the Jags have 2 DNP stars today, and if either Lynch or Jackson cannot suit up Sunday it will be game over. This is the closest predicted match up in the league this year i think – with just .25 to decide it. It wont be that close, the Patriots Bills game could be crucial, not only is it the top divisonal game in the AFC east but more importantly both Jimmy and Harry have kickers in action, so this single match up could easily decide the game. NFL.com gives it to Jimmy by .2, the Pit Predition is that it will be Oddities by 5 points.

Lastly its Rich’s 69ers v Paul’s Flush. Both teams wait till Sunday for action. Both teams have players on Bye weeks too, so intheory it should be pretty even, but NFL.com has given it to Flush by a healthy 15-20%. Flush’s Julio Jones is predicted a big game, but he’s not had a TD for 2 weeks, he’s facing the bears though who have given up plenty points to WRs this year so far. The 49ers v Rams game on Monday night will be the deciding end to this match up – Rich is banking on the 49ers getting a big win, although they are 3rd in their divison, that’s only due to playing an extra game and the Rams are dead last with the second worst points given to DSTs this year. If they are within spitting distance after Sunday, Kicker Dawson and the 49ers DST could yet see Rich Through. NFL.com has Flush by 15% , the Pit Predition is Flush by 3 points.

that’s your lot this week, I’m off to design my mug,


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