Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 5.

Well, week 5 is done and instead of soaring like an eagle to 4-1 I have plummeted into the pack like a stone, hello 3-2. For a short time I thought I had the team that would drag me over the line against Coach Gav and his Pickaxe boys but it wasn’t to be. This is a team game and a few high scoring individuals does not a victory secure. So congratulations Gav, you mugged me off proper style.

Now usually I write about my dilemmas in my team selection but not this week, this week I’m going to have a bit of a team talk because I’m sitting here on waivers night and looking at a team that doesn’t need to drop players, not to say I won’t, but a team in which everyone needs to look into themselves and think about consistency in there own performance. Pretty much everyone on my team has now had a high score or two in the five weeks played but they have never seemed to manage to produce it all at the same time. Do I ask too much? We all love players romping in with a 25+pts tally but it doesn’t feel so good when 3 players who should get 15pts each amass 7pts all together.  Is it better to score 125pts one week then 85pts the next week when, maybe, 100pts meant you had won both games? We believe in the talent of the guys on our teams, we picked them up because we believe in that very talent and low and behold they breakout and have a monster game, then the following week the team they play say “this guy must be stopped at all cost!” So they stop him and you get a big fat duck egg. I understand the nuances of the game, the cut and thrust, the deception and the too talented to stop moments in each game but for once, please, can we all just get 11pts each and be done with it. I may lose but it would show to me, your Coach, that you want to play for the Quakes, you understand that I need you to go about your business  and get out healthy, no need to push for glory and take silly hits, get the catch and get out of bounds with no dramas. I love you guys, your my team, I don’t want to have to come to Tuesday night and put your head on the chopping block, but I will if you keep on like your doing. So here’s my breakdown and what I want to see.

Jay Cutler: Loving your work, keep it up just a little less sloppy Joe with the passing and we will be fine. I don’t mind the Bears losing one bit so we are all good on that front.

Rashad Jennings: You’ve been a star but you put yourself in harms way. See you in week 9.

Arian Foster: Your my boy. How can I complain, well I’ll start by saying I want a run of a few weeks. Your not an offshore worker, 2 weeks on 2 off isn’t what I want.

Brandon Marshall: Get healthy, do it quick and stop letting Jeffreys get all the throws that should be yours.

Keenan Allen: Come on man, your a number 1 wide out. Show it to me.

Larry Donnell: You may have surprised some but not me but zero points, really Larry.

Roddy White: Your a nutter, you will be warming your nuts on the bench this week. Just saying.

Brandon McManus: Welcome to the team, good job on beating a drunk to the top spot.

Texans D: Just think what we can achieve when Sylvanian Families(Jadeveon Clowney) comes back. P.S no offence but your waterboys next week.

To my bench.

Teddy Bridgewater: A new hope.

Alfred Blue: You know why your here, you will play *sigh*

Jerick McKinnon: Your time may soon be upon us, time to shine.

Darren Sproles: Call me, give me a heads up when you feel a big one coming on.

Golden Tate: Let’s suit up.

Titans D: It’s the Jags, nuff said, your on.

Until next time, strap it up before you slap it up.

From Behind the Purple Door.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 5.

  1. Interesting on boom bust players, I’m still convinced that it’s the yardage rather than the tds that you need to look at, though I have a problem as I don’t really know enough to predict low yardage players who might get the odd goal line carry.

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    • Different guys have different attractions for me, you need to have a multi layered team, a work horse back is as valuable as a goal line back and vice versa. Wide receivers can be more match up based and tight ends need to be useful in the end zone. It’s a heady, wonderful mix that when achieved is a special moment.


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