Week 05 Review- Lift off!

Another interesting week.

For some teams it meant falling back into the pack, a few others stretched their lead and from one team a huge sigh of relief could be heard!

Non -Divisional Games

(3-2) Nitten Pickaxe 110.72 – 86.66 Earlston Earthquakes (3-2)

Top Scorers:A Foster 29.2 (EE), A Ellington 26.4 (NP), P Rivers 21.82 (NP)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (25.9) Earthquakes (19.4)

This result coupled with a defeat for the Tornadoes left Pickaxe alone at the top of Shatner division and plunged the Earthquakes back into a 3 way tie in Kirk.

A close game until late Sunday night the Pickaxe will be pleased with a number of performances including A Ellington (26.4), P Rivers (21.82) and 3 other double digit scorers (G Olsen, D Bryant and A Green). Yet again Pickaxe had problems with their lineup leaving a potential 26 points left on the bench including S Ridley (17.30) and the Patriots (14). Facing consistent, but average scoring Bohemians next week will mean the Pickaxe will need to tighten things up to ensure a continuation of their winning streak.

For the Earthquakes a good, but not stellar performance. Disappointing outputs from L Donnell (0) and their WR corps (9pts from 3) gave them a handicap J Cutler (21.76) and A Foster (29.2) just couldn’t overcome. Especially galling was the production of Detroit WR G Tate (19.4 5th in matchup) from the bench. The Earthquakes will hope to bounce back strongly against the Pilton Panthers.

(3-2) Kelso 187’s 78.2 – 106.54 Fog on the Tyne (1-4)

Top Scorers:D Thomas 34.6 (FT), D Brees 16.74 (FT), Chargers 16 (K)

Points left on bench: 187’s (20.6) Fog (0.4)

The champagne corks could be heard all the way to Capella Maggiore from the cul de sac home of the Fog on the Tyne. The 187s laid an egg as they attempted to extend their winning streak to 4 games and Fog took advantage with their best score of the season. In fairness to the Tyne they’ve overcome a poor start with consistently improving scores each week.

Their best performers on the night were D Thomas with a monster score (34.6) (see below for some of the best ever fantasy scores), D Brees (16.74) and the Steelers (15). Problems still exist- their RB output (5.5 pts from 3 including bench) is as bad as the Bohemians and Coach Stuart will need to make some tweaks in order to recover in the Uhura division.

The 187’s had a decent score after last week’s season high, but unfortunately only 1 TD and no performances that could absorb D Thomas’ monster output ultimately led to defeat. Poor performances from J Flacco (7.4) and M Crabtree (1.8) didn’t help, but Coach Euan can be pleased with the consistency he’s receiving from his backs (nearly 30 pts from 4 players)  and hope for better QB play next week against the highly efficient dodgy touchdown.

(2-3) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 79.54 – 128.04 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (3-2)

Top Scorers: R Wilson 34.24 (JJJ), Packers 22 (JJJ), P Dawson 20 (SF)

Points left on bench: 69ers (11.5) Jaguars (16.9)

A dominant performance from the Jaguars in a game that was over before the entry of R Wilson (34.24) and M Lynch (17.7) on Monday Night. The win kept Coach Jimmy with touching distance of the rampant dodgy touchdown. The Jaguars could also afford a lineup error with D Jackson (21.7) left on the bench. TE is still a serious problem for the Jaguars and they’ll need to rectify this before facing the slumping and frustratingly inconsistent Oakbank Oddities next week.

The 69ers had a number of decent performances in defeat especially A Rodgers (18.24), P Dawson (20) and F Gore (10.8). It was the supporting cast that caused the problems with San Diego WRs E Royal and M Floyd only producing 11.2 points in a rout of the Jets, J Graham leaving with an injured shoulder and I Crowell’s playing time reduced by B Tate. The 69ers face the rapidly improving Mercy Flush next week.

(3-2) Earlstonian Bohemians 89.48 – 78.06 Tranent International Tornadoes (2-3)

Top Scorers:P Manning 30.96 (TT), A Luck 19.68 (EB), B Quick 20.7 (EB)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (0) Tornadoes (18.1)

With a bench looking like a scene from disaster movie the Bohemians snatched victory from the rookie Tornadoes. The Bohemians RB problems continued with top pick M Ball (1.8) lost to injury and T Gerhart (2.9) producing like a dry cow rather than the bell cow he was expected to be. Hope could be around the corner with R Matthews, J Bell and D McFadden due to return next week. The Bohemians relied heavily on 3 players A Luck (19.68), J Maclin (13.6) and B Quick (20.7) and they did just enough to see out the W and keep touch with the rest of Kirk division. They face a stiff test next week against Nitten Pickaxe.

The Tornadoes will curse their lineup choices especially with B Rainey (10.2) and M Sanu (13) left on the bench, but there are signs of hope for the Tornadoes with both P Manning (30.96) and L McCoy (6.60) beginning to return to form.

*** K. Jusczyk needs to find his way back to waivers from your starting lineup***.

(3-2) Mercy Flush 110.86 – 97.68 Pilton Panthers (1-4)

Top Scorers:E Lacy 25.2 (MF), P Thomas 23.2 (PP), Eagles 21 (PP)

Points left on bench: Flush (22.82) Panthers (25.08)

The slumping Panthers ran into the wrong team at the wrong time as they tried to rescue their sinking ship. The Flush continued their resurrection as they cruised to a 3 game win streak while the Panthers extended their losing streak to 3 games.

The Flush look like a completely different team to the misfiring squad in Weeks 1 & 2 with their superstars now beginning to fire on all cylinders. Five starters produced double digit scores with E Lacy (25.2) and the Panthers (18) leading the way. The Flush did leave almost 25 points on the bench most notably  T Williams (13.1) and K Robinson (15.7). They’ll look to continue their winning ways at the 69ers next week.

The Bad Luck Panthers continue to reign despite producing their best outing of the season. Lineup problems continued with over 25 points languishing on the bench while starters J Cameron (3.3) and P Harvin (3.4) continue to misfire. One of the preseason favourites are in dire straits and need to start winning and quickly if they’re to make the playoffs!

(2-3) Oakbank Oddities 71.34 – 87.04 dodgy touchdown (4-1)

Top Scorers: M Forte 20.6 (dt), S Gostkowski 19 (OO), J Thomas 18.6 (OO)

Points left on bench: Oddities (18.5) touchdown (0.3)

Another game where the fortunes of each team are heading in opposite directions. The touchdown extended their winning streak to 2 games while the Oddities slumped to their 2nd defeat in a row.

Looking ever increasingly like last years Fog on the Tyne the consistent dodgy touchdown continue to grind out victory after victory. Four double digit performances from M Forte (20.6), M Ryan (14.64), J Nelson (12.6) and a returning B Tate (12.1) powered their score with every other starter making at least 3 points.

The Oddities continue to suffer from the effects of C Johnson’s injured ankle with his second dreadful performance (0.7). It may be in their best interests for him to “ride the pine” until he’s fit again especially with subs S Watkins (8.7), A Bradshaw (6.5) and F Jackson (12.7) producing good scores. J Thomas (18.7) and S Gostkowski (19) led their scoring with just Johnson and the Bengals (-3) preventing them for reaching a respectable score.

 Greatest Ever Fantasy Scores (from ESPN)

Billy Cannon 1961 13 HOU NYT 62 216 114 5
Gale Sayers* 1965 13 CHI SF 55 113 89 5
Cookie Gilchrist 1963 13 BUF NYJ 54 243 5
Clinton Portis 2003 14 DEN KC 54 218 36 5
Abner Haynes 1961 11 DLT OAK 53 158 84 5
Jim Brown 1961 10 CLE PHI 52 237 52 4
Jerry Rice 1990 6 SF ATL 52 225 5
Shaun Alexander 2002 4 SEA MIN 52 139 92 5
Corey Dillon 1997 15 CIN TEN 51 246 30 4
Doug Martin 2012 9 TB OAK 51 251 21 4
Jerry Butler 1979 4 BUF NYJ 50 12 255 4
Larry Brown 1973 14 WAS PHI 49 150 105 4
Barry Sanders 1991 13 DET MIN 49 220 31 4
Mike Anderson 2000 14 DEN NO 49 251 5 4
Michael Vick 2010 10 PHI WAS 49 333 4 0 80 0 2
George Blanda# 1961 10 HOU NYT 48 418 7 1
Y.A. Tittle 1962 7 NYG WAS 48 505 7 0 1 0
Art Powell 1963 14 OAK HOU 48 247 4
Fred Taylor 2000 12 JAC PIT 48 234 14 4
Priest Holmes 2002 12 KC SEA 48 197 110 3
Paul Hornung 1965 13 GB BAL 47 61 115 5
Harold Jackson 1973 5 LAR DAL 47 238 4
Mark Rypien 1991 11 WAS ATL 47 442 6 0 4 1
Jimmy Smith 2000 2 JAC BAL 47 291 3
Marshall Faulk 2002 7 STL SEA 47 183 52 4
Jerome Harrison 2009 15 CLE KC 47 286 12 3
Adrian Peterson@ 2007 9 MIN SD 46 296 19 3
Peyton Manning $ 2013 1 DEN BAL 46 462 7 0 -2 0 0
Delvin Williams 1976 9 SF WAS 45 180 99 3
Jerry Rice@ 1995 16 SF MIN 45 10 289 3
LaDainian Tomlinson 2002 13 SD DEN 45 220 51 3
Chris Johnson 2009 2 TEN HOU 45 197 87 3
Aaron Rodgers 2011 4 GB DEN 45 408 4 1 36 0 2

* Sayers also had a return touchdown. # Blanda had seven extra points and missed one field goal. @ Peterson and Rice each lost a fumble. $ Oakbank Oddities



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