Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 4

As a better man than I once said “Free at last, free at last”, the monkey is finally off my back. Week 4 saw me trample all over the top of my arch nemesis Coach Stuart of the Fog. Now you may be thinking “come on Coach Chris he’s not having much luck this year and he’s without a win” and to that I say TOUGH and MAN UP and I DON’T CARE. This isn’t because I’m one of them low-down filthy mongrels, oh no, this is because last year on our 3 meetings I could not buy a win against the Fog and I ain’t going to lie, it was beginning to bug the tits off me. So I now sit at the top of the league looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find…is right now I’m just that bit better. That can change though but after fantasy pros put my team as rank 11 after the draft I’m on a mission this year. Just Win Baby!

All in all week 4 was very cool for a number of reasons and it started like this. Channel 4s very own Nat Coombs was going to be on a podcast I listen to, the 06010 Fantasy Focus football podcast, and was looking for questions to put to Matthew Berry, the talented Mr Roto, so I mulled it over and sent him a question and at around 42mins into the podcast up pops my question(thanks Nat). Now it may sound like a simple choice, and in fairness by the time I listened I had made my mind up, but it’s a choice that can lead to conflict in your grey matter. The question in question was “Do I start Cutler or Cousins?” No brainer right, well Cousins was on fire, very capable of getting into shoot-outs and piling on the points and although Cutler is my choice for the entire season, somewhere deep in my gut, something was telling me to start Cousins. I read multiple rankings, chatted with Coaches Jimmy and Richie and everything was saying start Cutler. Thing is last year I would have ignored all that and went with my gut, more often than not that led to defeat so I must be learning to be less emotional and more statistical about this malarkey this year. Mr Berry and Mr Cockroft from the show also put my mind at rest but TMR did say he liked Cousins a whole lot and he picked up more flack than me last week with his beliefs in said QB, but that’s all in a days work for him I suppose. I did the right thing and received 17 odd points rather than 5 so all in all a positive result.

On Saturday myself, Harry and Ally set off for London, meeting up with Jimmy,Lee, Paul, Russell and Paul for the Raiders/Dolphins game and to be honest we were having such a good time that fantasy took a bit of a back seat to reality. I can only urge the other members of the league who couldn’t make it this year to try for next year because there isn’t many things better than a weekend filled with American Football and a splash of booze.

I digress, I still had a couple of injury worries, Arian Foster who was day to day started, saw the game out but didn’t do much. Brandon Marshall was still not 100% but starting and Keenan Allen hadn’t done much and was coming off an injury but you start your studs if they are starting so on they came with only Allen putting up any kind of numbers, which bodes well for this next few weeks I believe.

I usually try to avoid players going on Thursday night Football but I had 2 last Thursday with Jennings and Donnell going for the Giants. I wasn’t expecting much from Jennings who had a massive workload on the  Sunday previous that it was a big ask and I got what I expected. My surprise of the week and my new love was Donnell, I believe he has helped get Eli Manning a bit of confidence back in his throwing game and is being rewarded by getting the majority of red zone chances, he most definitely is Mannings go to guy. Good on you big fella.

Up this week is Nitten, let’s see how this plays out. Laters all.

From Behind the Purple Door.


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