View from the pit, week five preview

So, we’re more than a quarter in to the EFFL season, that’s right, just 10 more weeks to go of regular season play. Already there are teams making a bid for a guaranteed playoff place. If the current form continues, we might start to see those playoff spots being booked around week 10, or even earlier. Much of the TV commentary after the London based Dolphins Raiders game focused on each week of the NFL being seen as a season, as so much can change week to week, with even less games for EFFL, there’s still plenty to play for, even if you are 0-4

It’s another non divisional week, so perhaps a little less likely to deliver the knockout blow in any of the divisions, but another chance to see most teams onto the healthy 3-2, and 4 teams could be better ( or very much worse) than that

in the Kirk/shatner matches:

Earlston Earthquakes take on Nitten Pickaxe. Coach Gavin is looking to bounce back after 2 straight defeats whist chris is hoping to ride the wave of last weeks victory. Pickaxe have 2 of the top 10 scoters so far this year, unfortunately they are both quarterbacks, earthquakes jay cutler is sitting at number 6 so far this season. Pickaxe star receiving team are both back in action this week, dez Bryant hoping to score well, which could also put holes in earthquake’s texans defense. The way that match up goes could also affect how much ball quakes Arian Foster sees. In any case quakes are predicted a 10% win margin! with almost all players on both teams predicted to score more than the regulation 10.

Bohemians take on the Tornados, who top Shatner in their rookie year. The predictions have this coming down to just 2 points so look out for both teams making last minute changes come the weekend. The tornados have just 2 players on the first page of the top scorers, and they are both mannings.they still top the division.mproving once again that although a standout individual performance can win a game, it’s those 10 points every week in every position that will win you the league. The tornados will want to take advantage of bohemians lack of RB talent this week, but it’s still too close to call.

Mercy Flush take on the Pilton Panthers, both teams propping up their respective divisions. It’s another close predicted game, only around 5% win to flush. With pretty much guaranteed bottom of Shatner division.If Roberts panthers lose, he’ll be looking to turn that 5% advant age around. That could swing on the falcons giants game, as flush are predicted a massive 23 points for falcons WR jones, if the falcons end up on the ground rather than the air that might not only reduce jones’ score but boost points for panthers kicker Bryant.

In the TJ Hooker/Uhura games:

Oakbank oddities take on Dodgy Toouchdown. Again, this game is within 10% predicted, with both teams relying on a star wideout performance to reach their targets. Russell only has to wait till Friday to see if his star Jordy Nelson makes his score at the packers Vikings game, Harry hoping that the Vikings get the better of the passing game to boost the score for his second WR Coradelle Patteron. Another turning point in the game could be Bills RB feed Jackson for oddities. He’s had plenty of yards for an rb2 so far this season, both running and receiving, and if that translates to goal line targets he could easily double his predicted 8 points.

187s have their merciless sights set on the fog. Stuart is really in need of a win and for all of his players to get going in the same week. However, rookie Euan’s 187s are predicted to win by nearly 25% so stuart will need some massive effort form all of his team. There’s hope though, drew brees is due a big game and kicker mason Crosby is pretty consistent as he was last year. Unfortunately for stuart, Le’veon bell lolls like being this years star RB, even with just 1 td he’s still second overall for rbs, talent on the ground and receiving is his key, and it’s only a matter of time before he scores some tds.

lastly mid placed 69ers and jaguars meet in another 10% game. The jags look like they should edge it, in one of the lowest scoring matchups this week. Both teams have player predicted zero point though, so there will be lineup changes before Sunday for sure. Or maybe jimmy and rich both know something we dont? Both teams are heavily reliant on single games the jags with 2 Seahawks at Washington and 69ers with 2 chargers receivers, that looks like being the most boom or bust lineup choice in the league this week.

thats your lot this week, see you watching the graphs on Sunday night.


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