Week 04 Review- Hooters, Mojito and Tight-Ends

Apologies for the late posting this week. Half the league was on our first annual outing to London to watch the Oakland Raiders lose badly to the Miami Dolphins. We return woozy, tired and a little lighter in the wallet.


Non -Divisional Games

(2-2) Earlstonian Bohemians 90.12 – 97.22 dodgy touchdown (3-1)

Top Scorers:A Luck 29.62 (EB), J Nelson 22.80 (dt), M Ryan 20.12 (dt)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (6.9) touchdown (12.6)

Two decent performances from two evenly matched teams. On fire A Luck led the scoring in this game, but with only K Benjamin reaching the double digit mark the Bohemians just didn’t have enough firepower to pip dodgy touchdown. Coach Russell will be pleased with his team’s consistency with M Ryan and J Nelson again leading the way. There were also strong performances from RBs M Forte and A Morris (17.1 and 15) despite their teams heavy defeats.

(1-3) Pilton Panthers 77.70 – 129.08 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (2-2)

Top Scorers:A Rodgers 28.88 (SF), J Charles 28.80 (PP), F Gore 23.4 (SF)

Points left on bench: Panthers (16.7) 69ers (7.1)

A dominant performance by the 69ers over a badly fading Panthers team who just can’t seem to get a consistent team performance. The 69ers led by 20 point scorers A Rodgers (28.88), F Gore (23.4) and E Royal (22.5) fueled the weeks top performance with 3 other starters also making double figures. The match hinged on the Sunday night Eagles-49ers game with a +45 point swing in favour of the 69ers.

The Panthers face their former team mate Travis Kelce next week who has quietly become the 5th best scoring tight end in the league. His release is symptomatic of the Panthers fading fortunes.

(2-2) Nitten Pickaxe 89.08 – 118.30 Kelso 187’s (3-1)

Top Scorers: M Asiata 28 (K), P Rivers 27.08 (NP), S Smith 25.9 (NP)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (8.9) 187’s (2.66)

A 3 game win streak continues for the 187s as they comfortably disposed of last years champions. The Pickaxe had a number of good performances but just couldn’t match the Kelso teams firepower.

The 187’s were led by traded M Asiata 28, top WR A Brown 25.78 and A Smith 22.72. After a stuttering start and some serious personnel issues the 187’s have appeared to completely turned their season around and must surely be the favourite for the TJ Hooker division title?

After a great start to the season the Pickaxe have cooled down somewhat, but hope and reinforcements arrive next week.

(2-2) Tranent International Tornadoes 84.40 – 55.52 Oakbank Oddities (2-2)

Top Scorers:E Manning 32.1 (TT), C Kaepernick 20.52 (OO), M Bennett 13.4 (TT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (8.8) Oddities (19.9)

Worst game of the week? Certainly the lowest scoring as the Tornadoes produced their 2nd highest score of the year with a sensational E Manning performance on TNF accounting for nearly 40% of their final score. RB continues to be an Achilles heel for the team from Tranent with just a total of 5 points from all 3 players. Double digit performances from M Bennett, T Hilton and D Bailey helped prop up an otherwise anemic team performance.

After flying high for most of the season the Oddities came back down to earth with a disastrous performance lodging the second worst performance in league history. C Kaepernick, A Bradshaw and F Jackson were the sole bright spots and accounted for over 70% of the team output.

(0-4) Fog on the Tyne 76.6 – 105.54 Earlston Earthquakes (3-1)

Top Scorers:L Donnell 23.40 (EE), D Brees 20.2 (FT), J Cutler 17.14 (EE)

Points left on bench: Fog (19.12) Earthquakes (13.7)

For some the misery continues. The performances have improved slightly for Fog on the Tyne, but unfortunately nowhere near the level required for a competitive season. To add insult to injury star man Drew Brees was outscored by London star Ryan Tannehill. The Tyne need a miracle it just doesn’t look like one is on the horizon. We can’t fix your roster, but here’s something from London to take the pain away.


The Earthquakes picked up their performance after last week’s defeat and had more than enough ammunition to see of their bogey team. Led by TNF and waiver wire hero L Donnell and 4 other double digit scorers the Earthquakes are now the highest scoring team in the league.

(2-2) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 89.98 – 111.88 Mercy Flush (2-2)

Top Scorers:D Murray 27.5 (JJJ), T Romo 24.48 (MF), T Williams 19.7 (MF)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (0.0) Flush (9.1)

The final dominant performance of the week was left to the resurgent Mercy Flush who continued their win streak to 2 games. Led by a now fit T Romo and 6 double digit players the Flush could even absorb a dismal Panthers performance without failing below the 110 point mark.

Despite the loss Coach Jimmy will be pleased with the performance of his makeshift Jaguars team. A number of last second coaching decisions in Wembley Stadium (aided by mojito and a less than helpful Coach Ally and Cozy) allowed the Jaguars to play the “perfect” lineup.




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