view from the pit – week 4 preview

Week 4 sees the start of the dreaded byes. No bye weeks in EFFL of course, those NFL guys don’t know how lucky they are. It is a non divisional week though, so the divisional leaders on Tuesday morning are hard to predict.Plenty of interest this week starting tonight with the Washington vs giants game, and of course the London based dolphins raiders game on Sunday.

It looks like coach Ally’s Bohemians have the worst of the bye week woes with no less than 4 players having a wee rest,  Russel’s Touchdown, with just Ben Tate on a bye, are predicted to romp home by a huge margin, still it could do wonders for coach ally’s actual vs ideal lineup ratio!?!. Russell starts tonight with RB Morris in action for Washington. Sundays London game has interst for both coaches, Bohemians with the Raiders dst and Dolphins kicker, touchdown have Dolphins Wr Mike Wallace.

Stuarts mighty Fog on the Tyne, last years regular season champs, are hoping to get off the starting block in another non divisional game. It could have been coach Stuarts week as he’s played it canny with just one player on a bye, however Chris’s Earthquakes have a full roster to choose from. Fog are missing star WR Demaryus Thomas, but they are still predicted a win by a good 10 points. Chris is starting tonight with giants RB Rashad Jennings, fresh off a stellar performance in week 3. Quakes finish Sunday, but stuart may have to wait till Monday to see if he’s broken that duck.

Next up its Jags vs Flush, Paul had to wait till week 3 to finally get to say ‘you’ve been flushed’, but will be hoping to repeat that against the jags. In a way, both coaches should have lucked out, as they both have 3 on a bye, so it should have been a  fairly even match up, however, jimmy is really struggling with josh Gordon suspended and reed out for 3 weeks now. Flush are predicted to take the lead this evening and keep building till Monday night but Washington WR Desean Jackson may have something to say about that for the Jags. It’s all over by Sunday for Jimmy, and with the predicted thumping, he may want to look to next week ASAP. Jimmy at least has something to look forward to in London on Sunday by choosing Lamar Miller and the Dolphins dst.

Nicky’s  Tornados scraped a win against Pickaxe last week to get their season rolling, and will be hoping for a repeat performance against Harry’s Oddities. Tornados have to turn around a predicted 10 point win for Oddities, but the tone of the match up will be set early as  Nicky’s QB Eli manning leads the giants against Harry’s  Washington defense tonight. With a no turnover game, that 10 point deficit could easily be wiped out. Alternatively it could just about be over if the Washington secondary get their game on, and Harry could be watching star boot man Steven Gostkowski just for kicks On Monday night. Just one of the tornados has flown over the pond, Marcel Reece, but predicted just 1.2 points Nicky may wonder why he bothered getting off the plane on Sunday.

Roberts Panthers take on rich’s 69ers. No action here till Sunday and no one in London, but an interesting Monday night. Although the 69ers are predicted a sizeable win, Monday could see the return of Robert’s round 1 pick, star RB Jamaal Charles, which would mean a nail biting finish. Shane Vereen is predicted a double digit score Monday for the 69ers, which seems unlikely, based on previous weeks, but if Charles is playing and gets some numbers on the board for the chiefs, the patriots may have to think  a bit more creatively so maybe there will be  a surprise for both.

Lastly it’s Gav’s Pickaxe vs Euan’s on a 2 win roll  187s. Both have 3 on a bye week, so again an even match up. No starts tonight and nothing in London, so where is the interest? Well both teams line their flex up against the opposition dst. Cecil shorts for Pickaxe against the chargers on Sunday and then Joe McKnight for 187s against the Patriots on Monday. Pickaxe have a real interest in Mondays patriots chiefs game, giving Stevan Ridley a turn as RB2, bumped from flex in this heavy bye week. Euan will be focusing attention on the steelers as they take on the buccaneers in a watchable early Sunday game with 2 key players, RB Le’veon Bell and WR Antonio Brown.

enjoy London folks, sniff sniff 😦


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