Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 3

This is the first blog I’ve had to write after a defeat in the league this year. I knew it had to come but it didn’t make it any easier when it did. You could say I was asking for it, my confidence was high, I was top of the league, my scoring had been high, my opponents had been low. There was very little for me to be worried about. Now granted I took these signs to mean that I could partake in a little bit of “sledging”, and I’m not going to say that I didn’t enjoy that part, but when it all goes wrong you don’t half look like a tosser. I’m here to make the mistakes so you don’t have to people.

Anyway, here is where I get to run through my decisions and pick over the bones of the aftermath in time to dust myself down and rise from the ashes this Thursday.

I had a couple of dilemmas going into this week. My workhorse number one running back, Arian Foster, had tweaked his hamstring and was day to day. This is were you have to be proactive with tour decision making. If playing, he would have less of a workload and possibly do more damage. If not then you need his “handcuff”. Now,at the start of the season, that would be Jonathan Grimes(drafted him) but now it was more apparent that it was the rookie Alfred Blue(needed him). I had already let go of Grimes but hadn’t set about getting Blue so it was all hands to the pump to set about getting him. He was available, can’t say that for many in our league, and I had to figure out who to drop. I had 2 players, Ingram(out with a broken hand) or my boy Green(love him). Ingram had earned the right to stay while banged up but Green was my Jimmy Graham for the latter half of the season. After much deliberation I chose to trade Ingram, out for another 3-4 weeks with up and comings getting the chance to shine, I don’t see him coming back to the same workload that he was enjoying in the first 2 weeks. Turned out I did the right thing as Foster was a non starter and Blue did a decent job on the night.

Next one was a bad match up. The Texans faced the Giants and I had too many conflicting issues tied up in this one game. Now you could say everyone could have scored well but here was my scenario. I had a running back from both teams, both starting in my line up, both to good to bench, a Giants tight end who had showed he could get me points till my boy Green was promoted in San Diego and the Texans defence who had been putting up numbers. Yes, without doing anything I could have done ok, but ok isn’t what we are after. In my reckoning the best way out was to change my defence, last year I streamed my “d” to varying results and was always envious of others who had picked up a top end “d” and didn’t have to worry about their “d” until a bye, but this year I had picked up a decent defence and now had to drop a player to keep hold of my unit. It was time to say goodbye to my boy Green and hello Colts “d”. I used last years rule of thumb, find out whose playing the Jaguars and if you can get them then you play them. This one worked aswell as Jennings was my top scoring running back, Larry Donnell did ok(tight ends need touchdowns to escalate them above the durge) and the colts got me a nice 17 points(texans 8pts).

Word on the street was that Brandon Marshall was going to be good but then he turned out questionable so I picked up Kerley from the Jets as someone to change if Marshall didn’t go on Monday night. Remember my “play your studs rule”? Well he went, I did, he dropped a td pass, had one called back, came out the game, came back in and ended up getting nothing worth anything at the end of the game, Kerley got 14ish points and would have secured the victory.

That wasn’t my only coaching mistake but, to me, it’s the one that cuts the deepest. Fantasy can be a whirlwind romance when the graph is moving but she can also be a cruel mistress when you are waking up every hour on a Tuesday morning to find your go to guy letting you down.

This weekend it is Wembley, week 4’s blog may be slightly different.


From behind the Purple door.


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