Week 03 Review

The last week of the divisional games saw a number of big wins, sore losses and a couple of upsets. The chance for revenge or further pain will return in Weeks 11-13.

Divisional Games


(2-1) Earlston Earthquakes 80.60 – 88.26 Mercy Flush (1-2)

Top Scorers: J Jones 28.10 (MF), R Jennings 23.6 (EE), Colts (17.0)

Points left on bench: Earthquakes (28.08) Flush (17.62)

Another crunching Kirk division matchup saw Flush outlast the high flying Earthquakes to tie all teams at 1-1 in the division. Both teams will be disappointed with their lineup choices, but the Earthquakes will find it particularly galling as they had the firepower to win this matchup and go 3-0.

Flush got off to a great start to the week with Julio Jones’ 28.1 points on TNF. Three other players broke the double digit barrier, but yet another tough matchup for E Lacy and the Panthers nearly left them vulnerable to a Earthquakes Monday night comeback.

The Earthquakes will curse themselves for leaving K.Cousins on the bench especially with J Cutler facing a strong Jets D at home. Last weeks heroes turned into this weeks villains with B Marshall and D Sproles only scoring 3.8 points and despite some inspired waiver wire pickups including the Colts and A. Blue scoring well it was just not enough to get them over the winning line.


(1-2) Tranent International Tornadoes 83.54 – 82.44 Nitten Pickaxe (2-1)

Top Scorers:P Manning 20.02 (TT), M Bennett 17.40 (TT), D Bryant 14.9 (NP)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (2.7) Panthers (22.6)

Another 2-0 team tastes defeat that it could have avoided with better lineup choices. Coach Nicky played his perfect starting 9 relying on great performances from P Manning and M Bennett. Only 1 other player made double digits (M Bryant 10pts). A nasty looking head injury for L McCoy stunted his teams output but thankfully mistakes by the Pickaxe allowed the Tornadoes to register their first win.

The Pickaxe will be cursing the 1.1 point loss and much of the blame will fall on frustrating QB M Stafford who had a number of disastrous performances like this to hamstring the Bohemians last season. Last year’s Pickaxe QB P Rivers (19.34) was left helplessly watching the action from the bench as some great performances from D Bryant, A Green and A Vinatieri were wasted.

TJ Hooker

(1-2) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 56.88 – 75.78 Kelso 187’s (2-1)

Top Scorers: P Garcon 19.80 (SF), L Bell 15.7 (K), M Crabtree 14.4 (K)

Points left on bench: 69ers (21.7) 187’s (27.1)

The weekends lowest scoring game could have been considerably better with some more inspired lineup decisions. Nearly 50 points were left on team benches.

After an excellent win last week the 69ers came back down to earth with a crushing defeat and a top 10 worst output. Some poor RB scoring was largely to blame with Vereen, Gore and Grimes grossing a combined 8.5 with S Jackson and I Crowell on the bench scoring 22.90 points.

Coach Euan will breathe a sigh of relief after some of the worst lineup decisions of the week including two of the league’s top scorers A Brown and A Sanders left on the bench. Sometimes elite performers should be played, regardless of matchup. But in the end an important divisional win and a 2 game winning streak in hand despite the turmoil the team has had to maneuver.


(2-1) dodgy touchdown 77.24 – 118.22 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (2-1)

Top Scorers: M Lynch 24.8 (JJJ), M Ryan 23.64 (dt), R Wilson 22.02 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: touchdown (16.6) Jaguars (10.3)

A powerful win for the Jaguars as they take an early and commanding 2-0 divisional lead. Dodgy touchdown took an early lead, but star Jaguar performers R Wilson and M Lynch powered them to victory. WR and TE play continues to plague Coach Jimmy this time with D Jackson contributing 17.7 points on the bench while starters Jackson and Cooks posted a decent combined score of 14.9.

Coach Russell will be disappointed with his score after a strong start to the season, but he can at least take solace in his players scoring well despite some tough matchups. In particular A Morris was victim to some TD vulturing.

Non-Divisional Games

(2-1) Earlstonian Bohemians 103.50 – 63.30 Pilton Panthers (1-2)

Top Scorers: A Luck 32.30 (EB), N Foles 26.20 (PP), J Maclin 21.40 (EB)

Points left on bench: bohemians (13.1), Panthers (0.7)

A really tough matchup for the Panthers this week with both of their top RBs out with injury and then losing Danny Woodhead in game to a suspected fractured leg. Nick Foles put together a superb 26 point game, but unfortunately with the Bohemians owning main target Jeremy Maclin (21 pts) this was offset.

The Bohemians can thank A Luck (32.30), Maclin (21.40) and K Benjamin (17.50) for supporting yet another pitiful display from the Bohemian RBs (5.70 and 12.6 on bench). The Bohemians will need to generate some production from this position if they are to defeat next week’s opponents dodgy touchdown.

(0-3) Fog on the Tyne 77.92- 110.10 Oakbank Oddities (2-1)

Top Scorers: D Brees 19.52 (FT), C Kaepernick 19.20 (OO), G Bernard 17.40 (OO)

Points left on bench: Tyne (9.3) Oddities (7.5)

Another crushing defeat for the Fog on the Tyne as yet again they failed to break the 80 point ceiling. Drew Brees, although scoring well, has failed to live up to high draft status and despite some improved performance from their RBs (notably waiver pickup K Davis 17.20) some pedestrian scoring from the rest of the team has left them in both the Uhura and league basement as the only winless team.

The Oddities manage to correct some of the horrendous lineup decisions from last week and put out a very strong starting unit. With 6 double digit performers at every position except WR and TE the result was never really in doubt.


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