Week 3 match ups – any lessons learnt?

Week 3 sees some EFFL teams quite different from the start of the season. Everyone has by now been active on the waivers by the look of things, and we’ll likely have our first trade go through on Saturday morning, a few wives and kids will already be moaning, lets hope commissioner Reid can keep the troops happy with a few more ideas to get them on board.

No teams are guaranteed to go either 3-0 or 0-3 so it is a good chance for some to get back in the game – next week sees the start of the bye’s where good bench management will be vital, so make the most of your full rosters.

TJ Hooker division looks to have the most significant divisional game this week, with all three teams  on 1-1 its a numbers game for 69ers (1-1) vs 187s (1-1). It’s too close to call according to the nfl.com predictions, and both teams have spread themselves over a swathe of NFL teams, so there are few match up issues, perhaps Euan is the more likely to boom or bust with both kicker and DST from the Bills.

In Kirk and Shatner there are match ups for the early leader against a team hoping to break the duck

In Kirk, Earthquakes (2-0) vs Flush (0-2) looks close, with Paul’s Flush going Thursday to Sunday whilst Chris’ Earthquakes start Sunday with a potential game winning performance from Bears QB/WR combo Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall on Monday night. Paul should hope to get a big score on the board Thursday night with Falcons WR Julio Jones predicted close to 20. Chris may have divided loyalties as RBs Rashad Jennings and Arian Foster go head to head in the Texans/Giants game, with the Texans DST on the quakes books too, it could be a problem for the division leaders….

In Shatner: Pickaxe (2-0) go up against Tornadoes (0-2) in a match that will be decided by Monday morning barring any last minute waivers or team changes, both coaches have Monday night bench players if necessary. Pickaxe Coach Gavin is hoping that Andre Ellington is fit for this match up with a bit of a problem at RB otherwise. Tornadoes coach Nicky needs Raiders QB Derek Carr (unsigned in EFFL) to work some magic past the Patriots DST and get the ball yards upfield to his WR James Jones, if not the the New England Defense could yet sneak a win for coach Gavin,

In Uhura: Russel’s Touchdown (2-0) and Jimmy’s Jaguars (1-1) will both be hoping to be the divisonal leader come Tuesday morning. Russel has players right through from Thursay to Monday night while Jimmy will be done by early Monday our time.There’s no real issues in the match ups, no conflicts and both teams have even numbers of players in the top 25 scorers so far, though currently Jimmy is choosing to play just half of the so far devastating Seahawks pairing of QB Wilson and RB Lynch

Non league – Bohemians (1-1) vs Panthers (1-1) – of these Robert’s Panthers look most likely to gain more from a win, with the possibility of being Shatner division leaders if Pickaxe lose. However, Coach Al will need all the points he can muster if he is to have any chance of catching early Points leader Chris with the Quakes. Ally may have a problem at WR with Decker only probable and any scores for Jeremy Maclin likely to also benefit the panthers through QB Nick Foles. A good Game for the Titans could see Robert through here, with Delaney walker and Kendal Wright both ready for receiving yards. If Decker is out, then it will all be over by 9 on Sunday.

Fog (0-2) vs Oddities (1-1); Stuart’s Fog are predicted to win this game on Monday night with Jets RB Chris Johnson and Bears WR Alshon Jeffery, that might only work out if the Jets go ahead though. Harry’s Oddities are predicted to lose, however with 5 players predicted 1-10 points – it won’t take more than a couple of touchdowns to really boost the score in Harry’s favour.

all in another fun week for EFFL –


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