week 2 crunch ties and Thursday night points

Week 1 is out of the way, a fine start for our 2 rookies, but make no mistake, that’s your lot for easing yourself in. Its all cutthroat from now on.

Unfortunately for some, week 2 also gives the first chance for someone to go dead last in the league. Of course there are six teams that could go 0 from 2, but one match up guarantees one of the managers will be crying in their coffee come Tuesday morning.

Robert’s Pilton Panthers lineup against rookie Nicky’s Tranent International Tornados. It will be a drawn out battle, with the Panther’s DST (Ravens) starting tonight and both teams waiting till Monday night to complete their scoring. It could come down to willing on big scores from both the eagles and colts, but even with a predicted big 18.3 predicted to LeSean McCoy, Nicky might want a big game for the colts, with luck connecting with t.y. Hilton in more ways than one, to limit Robert’s qb nick foles.

A big game for luck would please commisoner and Bohemians coach Ally in the tie at the other end of the table, with either the bohos or the Earthquakes going 2 and 0. Bohemians are predicted the win, but Quakes coach chris is playing a bit canny with 0 points predicted at Larry Donnell at TE, so the tie could be a lot closer than the notoriously dubious NFL predictions.

Tonight’s ravens steelers game offers a few stars for teams in the league, flush new signing Justin Forsett hopes for another big game and is predicted a respectable 13.10.

69ers have ravens WR Torrey smith in action, predicted only a single digit score, but last weeks seemingly random points show that on the day and WR can deliver the points.

Raven’s rb Peirce is in action for the fog, predicted a tiny 3 points, and dodgy touchdown has Raven’s kicker Tucker predicted 8, both of these predictions could be way off

Rookie Euan has the only Steeler in action in the form of WR Antonio Brown hopefully he’s not too cut up about the ribbing he got for his accidental(?) kick to Spencer lanning last week. Jimmy’s jags have Ravens TE pitta predicted five points. And with pitta….. that’s a wrap from me…


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