Week 01 Review

Divisional Games


(1-0) Earlstonian Bohemians 104.40 – 59.36 Mercy Flush (0-1)

Top Scorers: A Luck 26.70 (EB), J Maclin 15.70 (EB), M Ball 14.30 (EB)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (8.20) Flush (16.70)

A strong showing from the Bohemians consigned divisional opponents Flush to an opening day defeat. Coach Reid can be satisfied by a solid performance from all his players but will be looking for an improved DST score for next week. On the other hand the Flush got off to a poor start with a number of players severely under-performing including T Brady (10.26) the 2 starting RBs Lacy & Stacy (4.50 and 5.10 respectively) and the TE position (0.4 and 2.4). Hope does come from the bench and his WR corp who all scored well despite this defeat.


(1-0) Nitten Pickaxe 98.34 – 73.98 Pilton Panthers (0-1)

Top Scorers: M Stafford 30.04 (NP), A Green 19.60 (NP), M Bryant 17.00 (PP)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (3.20) Panthers (10.96)

A stunning performance from Pickaxe QB Matthew Stafford brought Pickaxe back from behind to stun their division rivals. The defending champions had good performance from CJ Spiller , AJ Green and TE Greg Olsen, but supporting players may continue to worry Coach Gav this season. The Panthers continued their dreadful run of form with another defeat despite preseason hopes. An under-performing stable of RBs was largely to blame with all 5 backs failing to break into double digits.

TJ Hooker

(1-0) Oakbank Oddities 133.54 – 95.08 Kelso 187s (0-1)

Top Scorers: C Johnson 28.40 (OO), J Thomas 28.40 (OO), L Bell 25.70 (K1)

Points left on bench: Oddities (17.70) 187s (1.10)

A good debut from the 187s was spoiled by a powerful Oddities team. Kelso had good all-round performances from a number of players including standout Le’veon Bell. The most promising aspect for Kelso was Coach Guthrie’s lineup choices that ensured an almost maximum output. The Oddities cemented their place as the team to beat with the week’s highest output led by Calvin Johnson (28.40), Julius Thomas (28.40) and Coradelle Patterson (18.80). More worryingly for the rest of the league was the production from the Oddities bench leaving Coach Harry with some good selection headaches.


(1-0) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 104.94 – 65.22 Fog on the Tyne (0-1)

Top Scorers: M Lynch 24.40 (JJJ), R Wilson 18.54 (JJJ), D Murray 18.30 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (9.20) Tyne (4.90)

A strong team performance from Jaguars was enough to send Fog on the Tyne to opening day defeat. The Jaguars scored points all across the board with strong performances from their Seahawk contingent. If there is anything to worry Coach Jimmy it will be the performance of his WRs where the Jackson’s suffered from poor QB play. Coach Stuart will look to solid performances from a number of his players as a sign of better times to come especially Drew Brees, Chris Johnson and Maurice Colston, however poor play from ageing starters Maurice Jones-Drew and Jason Witten is concerning.

Non-Divisional Games

(1-0) dodgy touchdown 96.82 – 83.56 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (0-1)

Top Scorers: M Ryan 31.42 (DT), 49ers 18.00 (SF), M Forte 16.90 (DT)

Points left on bench: touchdown (19.1) 69ers (22.30)

A career performance from Matt Ryan (31.42) propelled dodgy touchdown to an opening day victory over the 69ers. Touchdown also had a number of solid performances from TE Zach Ertz (13.70) and RB Matt Forte (16.90) in particular although Coach Russell may be thankful that he wasn’t punished by the number of points languishing on his bench. That honour went to his opponents the 69ers who got off to a solid start but poor performances from star QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Jermain Kearse and a bench with 22.30 points will have given Coach Richie something to correct before next week’s divisional clash with the high flying Oakbank Oddities.

(1-0) Earlston Earthquakes 105.96 – 98.16 Tranent International Tornadoes (0-1)

Top Scorers: P Manning 22.46 (TT), Texans 20.0 (EE), J Cutler 17.96 (EE)

Points left on bench: Earthquakes (18.9) Tornadoes (7.90)

Despite some heroics from QB P Manning (22.46) and TE Vernon Davis (16.40) the rookie Tornadoes weren’t able to fend off a rampant Earthquakes. The ‘Quakes were powered by a number of solid double digit performances from 7 of their 9 starting positions and could afford to leave nearly 20 points on the bench. The Tornadoes will be looking to not run into such a hih scoring opponent next week whereas the ‘Quakes will be looking to continue on their free-scoring ways.


5 thoughts on “Week 01 Review

  1. thanks al,

    are you calculating poi9nts left on the bench vs optimal lineup or overall points on the bench – think there should be a prize for ‘best at making the most of the lineup you have’ coach – ie the person who is closest to optimal lineup over the year


    • i love to do this…..but it’s such a pain in the ass keeping tabs on it. Probably too late for prizes, but bragging rights are always worth something. I calculated the bench points based on your optimal line-up.


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