1st and 13

Green  58…. set… Hit… – or some other such stuff that i still know nothing about.

Here we are again a year older and a little less green – League manager and Bohemians coach Reid was telling me that the atmosphere at the draft was tenser than the last loom band on a star burst bangle. He also let it slip that his daughters picked my team this year, so er… thanks ladies?!?!

anyway, several teams have players in action overnight, and we’ll see the first scores on the doors come around 4.30 BST.

Pickaxe will have a no start evening so first up are the panthers with wideouts on both sides of the field, Robert clearly hoping for a wind free evening

Both the flush and bohemians have players, Paul will be watching Eddie Lacy, RB for the Flush trying to grind through the seahawks defense and Al will be hoping the Green Bay defense are just about good enough to hold Seattle to a kicking game so that Steven Hauschka, K can get points on the board.

Earthquakes will wait till Sunday but Nicky’s brand new Tornados have the Seahawks DST waiting to pounce, predicted a measly 4 points, surely they can outperform that?

187s and oddities are both leaving it late to start with the Euan’s new guys predicted to take and hold the lead from the start on Sunday

Jaguars have the mighty Marshawn Lynch, cruelly ripped from the heart of the championship winning Pickaxe 2013 team, ready to limp his way to just a predicted 11.3 points, surely Beastmode can close to double that? Fog have Mason Crosby kicking, coach Stuart will have to hope that Richard Sherman and the rest don’t turn the ball over in a re run of the superbowl.

Dodgy touchdown and 69ers have the predicted most even Thursday night battle. Rich and th 69ers will be hoping that the QB rogers and WR Kearse both have great games, but that could be a problem if Rogers gets his game on with Russel’s Dodgy Touchdown WR star Jordy Nelson (another hero from the championship winning 2013 Pickaxe team)

With the 2 new coaches, points look like being a little harder to come by this year – 100 points looks like being enough to win most games this week – Euan could see his fantasy career off to a flyer if the 187s get anywhere near their predicted 111, predicted top score this week.


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